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Hello all and welcome to another JuiceShop review. Toady we'll be taking a look at a ramped up version of the popular Aspire Clieto tank.

Aspire are an American based manufacturer of high end vaping equipment and have been responsible for some really successful bits of kit such as the Nautilus atomiser range, the pegasus mod range and the Triton atomiser range. in 2016 we saw Aspire launch their new Clieto tank. An elegant and simply designed top filling atomiser that utilised redesigned Clapton coils. We have now been blessed with a more powerful version.

As mentioned, the original Cleito tank was another big success for aspire but users were restricted by the coils which only allowed up to 70 watts of power. Now this is not a problem for most vapers, but there are definitely those who would like to take it past that 70 watt threshold. And that's where the new Cleito 120 comes in.

So let's get right in to it and take a better at this new cloud beast. 

What's in the box?

The Clieto 120 is packaged in a very similar fashion to the original Cleito and hard to notice an immediate difference besides the 120 written on the box. Pop the box open to find a lovely new Cleito 120 looking back at you. Bearing in mind that the Cleito 120 is an extremely well priced high power atomiser, Aspire go the extra mile and include a spare coil, pyrex tube and even supply you with a little vape band to help prevent against any accidents. 

Initial thoughts?

The first thing that I notice is how big the glass chamber is. The 120 sees a 0.5ml increase in capacity and can now hold 4ml of e-liquid when full. I like the fact that the user can see exactly how much liquid is remaining in the tank as there are no gaps around the bottom of the coil for the juice to hide in, just a flat plate. 

The coil is also noticeably beefed up and looks pretty damn serious. The coils supplied with the Cleito are rated at 0.16 Ohms and have a power range of 100-120 watts. The huge intakes will ensure that even max VG liquid we be vaped with no problems. Clapton wire is used again to achieve that intense flavour experience and the same price as the original Cleito coils!

Fire it up!

Right, enough sweet talk, let's get this puppy filled and fired up! Fist thing to mention is that the top cap is well designed. A lot of top caps make up the entire top of the atomiser, where as the Cleito has a little metal rim you can grip while unscrewing the cap. Once open, it takes all of about 5 seconds to fill the 4ml tank. Same story as most atomisers, pour it down the side and not the middle. Top cap back on, now let's find a battery that can give us 100 watts.

Running the Cleito at it's minimum recommend wattage of 100, I'm getting an amazing vape. The dual airflow can be dialled in to your desired setting and keeps the vapour flowing cool. The large intakes on the coils mean that I am not going to get a dry hit no matter how long I draw for. The big bore tip allows for large amounts of vapour to be drawn quickly but is fixed and non removable, so you won't be able to personalise it with a custom after market tip. Not a problem to me. 


Love it! I normally vape at around 50 watts, so the Cleito 120 may not be an every day vape for me. But on those days when you just want to fog out the world, the Clito 120 will be happy to assist you. I love that the atomiser is quite light weight compared to others in it's class. As great as the SMOK TFV4's and V8's are, they add a lot of weight to your device, where as the Cleito 120 feels like a regular tank. The Cleito offered very similar performance as the atomiser mentioned above but using less power, meaning longer battery life. I really like the Cleito 120 as it ticks so many boxes. Visit us in store and try it for yourself!


A solid 8 out of 10

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