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Sub Ohm Kits

If you consider yourself a bit of a cloud chaser then you'll want to take a look at some of our incredible Sub Ohm vape kits! Compared to traditional vaping/smoking where you take one puff at a time, our Sub Ohm kits, also known as Direct Lung kits, are specifically designed for the user to inhale the e-liquid vapour straight down to the lungs. Sometimes referred to as a "shisha" style device, Sub Ohm vapes tend to operate at higher wattages in order to turn larger volumes of e-liquid into vapour which is great for cloud chasing but can result in your batteries running down quicker and a more e-liquid being consumed.

We include a free 30ml Hobo Juice e-liquid with every Sub Ohm vape kit! Simply choose your flavour and nicotine strength when adding your kit to the basket. Because Sub Ohm kits run at higher wattages, this means that the nicotine kick from the e-liquid is amplified. Somebody using a 12mg on a Mouth To Lung kit will find 12mg way too strong on a Sub Ohm kit and will want to step the nicotine level down. We find that most vapers tend to use no more than 3mg on their Sub Ohm kits which seems to be just right.

Don't forget that all vapes use coils. The coil is the little heating element that sits inside the vape tank. The coil is responsible for turning the e-liquid into vapour but has a limited lifespan. We find on average that a Sub Ohm coil tends to last for around 4-5 days before it needs replacing. When you start to getting a burning taste, it's time to change. It's also worth noting that sweeter e-liquids can kill the coil quicker due to the sugar content caramelising inside the coil. 

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