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The arc Nano is a fantastic starter kit for a first time vaper or a great on the go e-cigarette for regular vapers. Extremely simple to use and maintain, an integrated battery and a tank that sits inside the device to keep it’s extremely small form factor, and believe us it’s small.

Standing just 64.5mm tall, the arc Nano is one of the smallest e-cigs on the market. The 650mAh battery is enough for hours of vaping and with the passthrough function you can vape whilst your Nano is on charge.

The 0.8ml e-liquid tank is filled from the top and held in place with a magnetic connector. Extremely easy to use, there is no need to change the atomizer. When it reaches the end of its natural life simply dispose of the full tank and refill a new one.

A great kit for all vapers, but particularly suited to people looking for a discreet starter kit.  



  • Extremely small and portable
  • 0.8ml disposable tank
  • 650mAh battery capacity



  • Battery capacity - 650mAh
  • Tank capacity - 0.8ml
  • Atomizer resistance - 1.2ohm


Kit Includes:

  • 1 x arc Nano
  • 1 x Atomizer
  • 1 x arc Nano connector
  • 1 x User manual


  • Always fully read the instruction manual before using the device.
  • Always turn your device off when travelling (normally 5 clicks).
  • Never charge your device using an adapter with an output greater than 1Amp.
  • Always keep loose batteries stored in a safe environment and away from metal objects.

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Which strength e-liquid should I choose?

This depends on how powerful your machine is. If you run your machine under 20 watts or on a coil rated above 1.2 Ohms, then you might need a higher nicotine dosage in your e-liquid. The higher the wattage of your machine, the less nicotine you need. So somebody using a typical 0.5 Ohm coil running it at about 35 watts will probably be fine with a 3mg. 

Which coil should I use?

Most eCig manufacturers normally produce a selection of different coils for each of their devices. The power of a coil is measured in Ohms. The lower the Ohms, the more power that coil requires in order to get to the right temperature. If your looking for big vapour, then you would use a coil rated 0.5 Ohms or lower. If you wanted a coil that was good for smoking like a cigarette, then anything above 1.2 Ohms will be fine. Coils with higher Ohm ratings require less power and produce less vapour. 

What wattage should I set my device to?

This depends completely on the coil you are using. As discussed above, there are many different types of coils, each with a recommended minimum and maximum wattage.

Why is my device leaking?

There are normally two main reasons why this could be happening.
1) You are running the coil too low. Not giving the coil enough power means it can't turn the liquid into vapour, resulting in flooding or leaking.
2) You are using a powerful coil and puffing on it like a cigarette. Coils rated at 0.5 Ohms or lower are specifically designed for Direct Lung vaping. 

Why do i get a burning taste?

This is normally a sign that the coil is ready to be replaced. This will also happen if you let your juice run too low.

Why must I Prime my coil?

Priming your coil avoids any unwanted burning tastes when firing up a new coil for the first time. To prime a coil, simply put 4-5 drops of e-liquid into THE TOP before firing it up. The e-liquid will soak into the cotton and this will help you avoid any undesired results. 

Do I get a warranty?

JuiceShop offers a full 28 day in house warranty on all our hardware. Should you experience any issues with a device purchased from us, then please contact us withing the 28 day period. For returns after 28 days, please refer to the manufacturers return procedure. 

If you wish to exchange a product, the item must still be in its original unopened state. 

We can not accept returns on e-liquids. 


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