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Battery Safety Information

-Never store batteries loose with other metal objects such as keys or coins that could bridge across the terminals.  Always store batteries in a non-conductive case when not in use.

-Never leave batteries exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

-Always check that chargers are in good condition and compatible with your battery type.

-Never leave batteries charging overnight or unattended and must be charged at room temperature in a well ventilated area.

-Never use batteries if they are damaged, discoloured, visible leakage or getting abnormally hot and always check the wrapping is fully intact.

-Always pair batteries with the same make, model and age.  

-Do not allow or use batteries if they have come in contact with water or fire.

-Always check for the appropriate discharge current for the compatibility for the device you are using in the instructions.

-Always dispose of your batteries according to the regulations in your area.


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