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Elf Bar Mate Mod

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Price in reward points: 499

Availability: In Stock

Brand: Elf Bar

Product Code: ELFDP

Reward Points: 25

The all new rechargeable battery that will fulfils your energy providing incredible enjoyment continuously.


Material: Aluminum
Size:104.5mm× 18.9mm × 11.4mm

Charging Port: Type-C

Charging current: ≤1A
Max Charging Voltage: 5V
Battery Capacity:500 mAh

*Pods Not Included

Kit Includes:

1 x Mod

1 x USB Cable (Type-C)


  •     -Always fully read the instruction manual before using the device.
  •     -Always check the instruction manual to find the appropriate discharge current needed for the batteries when using with a device or tank.
  •     -Always lock the device before you put it in your pocket or handbag (normally 5 clicks).
  •     -Never leave batteries charging overnight or unattended and must be charged at room temperature in a well ventilated area.
  •     -Never charge your device using an adapter with an output greater than 1Amp unless specified.
  •     -Never store batteries loose with other metal objects such as keys or coins that could bridge across the terminals. 
  •     -Always store batteries in a non-conductive case when not in use.

     Please click here for full battery safety information.

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