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Charlies Chalk Dust

Charlies Chalk Dust is fast becoming a big hit with vapers around the world. The Chalk Dust range is unified by a sweet chalky taste unique and unlike any other e-liquid on the market. Take it back to the old skool with a bottle of Charlies Chalk Dust!!

Big Belly Jelly By Charlies Chalk Dust

There is nothing sweeter than a perfectly ripe watermelon flavored candy. Pair that with a tart juic..


CCD3 By Charlies Chalk Dust

CCD3 is an delightful combination of sea salt and caramel with a big dollop of ice cream to top it o..


Drama Swirl By Charlies Chalk Dust

Check out the new Drama Swirl by Charlies Chalk Dust! This is one of those flavours that reminds you..


Dream Cream By Charlies Chalk Dust

A rich and indulgent blend of Vanilla and Fudge flavours finished with a hint of Cinnamon. A smooth ..


Jam Rock By Charlies Chalk Dust

Always lurking by the checkout counter, bating you to beg your mom for the sweet and sour apple suck..


Wonder Worm By Charlies Chalk Dust

If you were to take a sweet-tart and a fresh chewy gummy worm in your mouth and just let them settle..


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