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(NEW) Hobo Juice

Introducing Hobo Juice shortfills, an exciting new range of e-liquids developed by Cosmic Clouds. Available in four tongue twisting flavours, Hobo is a great alternative for those who want to go big! Big bottles, big flavours and big vapour! In fact, the only thing about the Hobo Juice that isn't big is the price with bottles starting at just £14.99.

*If you require nicotine then the purchase of separate a Nicshot will be required. 

DoDo Nutz - Hobo Juice

This is one for the tart lovers out there! No more waiting round the back of the bakery for you! DoD..


Malone - Hobo Juice

Escape the bustling city streets, find a quiet underpass where nobody will bother you and crack open..


Mangled Moe - Hobo Juice

After a long day hanging around the shopping centre shouting at random people, treat yourself to a b..


Sticky Fingerz - Hobo Juice

After a long day of dumpster diving, nothing hit's the spot quite like a bottle of Sticky Fingerz.  ..


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