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Juice Shop (TPD)

Adding to the success of our original JuiceShop e-liquid range, we are proud to introduce the first of our TPD complaint products. Each flavour has been engineered to the highest of JuiceShop standards and is packed full to the brim with flavour. They are all high PG and mixed at a 70/30 ratio. Stay tuned for more awesome flavours coming soon!


Grab a bargain and get 5 bottles of our famous JuiceShop E-liquids for only £20, saving you £5!We ha..


10 Pin By Juice Shop (10ml)

Taste the Rainbow – Vape The Rainbow! Sweet, tangy and fizzy. Just like having a mouth full of Skitt..


Berry Berry Juice Shop (10ml)

If you're looking for a seriously berry flavour, then this is the one for you! It's kind of like sum..


Blue Muff By Juice Shop (10ml)

A cheeky little desert vape with oodles of Blueberry goodness and the perfect accompaniment to a hot..


Hawaiian By Juice Shop (10ml)

Kick back, relax and pretend your on a sun drenched beach with a bottle of our Hawaiian flavoured e-..


Manti By Juice Shop (10ml)

When explorers were trekking through middle Asia searching for the finest tea leaves, they stumbled ..


Peach By JuiceShop

A must try for all Peach lovers! Subtle, flavoursome peach tones blended at the perfect ratio for a ..


Pear By JuiceShop

This is for the fruit lovers. A sweet, ripe, juicy pear flavour that tastes insanely realistic. A mu..


Raspberry Menthol By JuiceShop

Picture if you will, the freshest, ripest raspberry's covered in morning dew, combined with the perf..


Spearmint By JuiceShop

Get a blast of intense fresh Spearmint flavour with this new JuiceShop classic. Specification:Size: ..


Star & Stripes By JuiceShop

The no fuss taste of tobacco with background woody notes. Not too strong not too light a pleasant va..


Strawberry By JuiceShop

The taste of the British summer in your E-cigarette! The flavour development team here at the JuiceS..


T-Leaf By JuiceShop

Classic rolling tobacco flavour with a tiny hint of sweetness, a great all day vape.May contain trac..


Tobacco By JuiceShop

For those of you who just can't break away form the classic tobacco flavour, then this e-liquid is p..


Watermelon By JuiceShop

We're talking Caribbean beach stuff right here! Sun drenched sands and tranquil waves hitting the sh..


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