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Temple Tiger

In the deepest part the Indian Kanha forest, you’ll find the home of the Temple Tiger. Living in the forgotten ruins of the ancient Sun temple, he spends his days finding and gathering only the finest fruits to use in his gourmet e-liquids. Some say that on the quietest of nights, you can hear him squonking.
Hunter by Temple Tiger (50ml)

On hot summer days, you can find the Temple Tiger lounging in the shade of his favourite tree. The l..


Lagoon by Temple Tiger (50ml)

The Temple Tiger must cross the lagoon in order to collect and harvest the freshest, water drenched ..


Mood by Temple Tiger (50ml)

The Temple Tiger has created a flavour to reflect the many moods of the Jungle. Inspired by the colo..


Rumble by Temple Tiger (50ml)

An elephant never forgets… a great e-liquid! Temple Tiger has crafted a unique flavour that is sure ..


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