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With humble beginnings as coil makers, MTERK is now an internationally recognised e-liquid manufacturer based out of the USA. They are becoming more and more popular in the UK and currently produce a few different e-liquid ranges including #Terkish and Deep Cuts.

Terkish Blend by MTERK (100ml)

Terkish Blend is a unique mix of butterscotch & custard, with a hint of..

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Terkish Harvest by MTERK (100ml)

Terkish Harvest is a unique e-liquid blend of traditional butterscotch &..

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Terkish Kake by MTERK (100ml)

Terkish Kake is a unique mix of butterscotch & lemon cake. It's truly o..

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Terkish Maize by MTERK (100ml) Sold out
Terkish Maize by MTERK (100ml)

Terkish Maize is a unique mix of butterscotch & corn. It's truly one of..

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