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Variety is the spice of life! And that certainly rings true here at the Juice Shop. We stock over 200 amazing and unique e-liquid flavours from some of the biggest brands in the world available in a plethora of profiles including traditional tobaccos and desserts all the way through to sweet confectioneries and bespoke custom blends. If you're looking for a new flavour, be sure to stop by the Juice Shop as we offer testers on most of our range which helps ensure you don't end up with an e-liquid you don't actually like. 

Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)

Vaping regulations were introduced throughout Europe in 2017 which include some restrictions on e-liquids. Known as TPD (Tobacco Products Directive), these regulations put limits on the size and nicotine strength of e-liquid allowed to be sold to the public. In a nutshell, the maximum legal nicotine level to be used in e-liquids is 18mg and that e-liquids that contain nicotine can only be sold in volumes no larger than 10ml. This means vapers using 6mg of nicotine or more will be forced to stick to 10ml bottles. For vapers that use 3mg or less, the news isn't as bad as you will still be able to buy bottles larger than 10ml, referred to as "Shortfills", but you will have to add the nicotine in separately in the form of a "NicShot".

It's all about the flavour!

So with that being said, go ahead and check out our amazing e-liquid selection and see if you can find your new favourite flavour. Will it be Lemon Tart from the Dinner Lady? Lenny Dribs from the infamous Hobo Juice, or perhaps a low mint blast of ASAP Grape from the world famous Nasty Juice? Either way, we stock a huge range of big brand e-liquids at great prices with a flavour sure to float your boat. Be sure to check out our e-liquid multipack section for some more juicy bargains!