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A big hello and welcome to another JuiceShop review. Today we're going to be taking a look at something that may or may not be from this planet. These are the new range of Shlurp E-liquids from the VapeShlurp brand. A little label on the tin says that this stuff is made in he UK but it may be a part of their plan for global domination!

The Shlurp range consist of Three bizarre tongue fizzling flavours. Original, Export and Cold Filtered. So let's get right into it and get Shlupring!

Packaging: Firstly, the 60ml bottles all come in an impressive metallic tube, with some really cool graphics reminiscent of a popular future based cartoon (cough cough). The same design is used throughout the brand rage with variations on the background colour and flavour font . The PG/VG levels of the juices are also clearly visible with a ratio of 80:VG and 20:PG.

Flavour 1: Shlurp Original

First impressions: Totally different from the other two, fruity flavour all the way with this one on the inhale although you do get a very slight freshness, like fresh fruit.

What's in it? I'm going to have to say there is a extremely slight amount of menthol even though i don't want too. But without the hint of menthol;, you don't get that fresh/chilled taste. I'd also like to say there's some cola taste in there on exhaling with a fruit id very much like to but seriously can put my finger on.

Rating out of 10: I'd like to give this one a 5 out of 10 purely because i cant really taste too much from it, you get the cool cola flavour but it only packs a small punch. Which is OK if your the subtle type but I'm really rather loud so i like loud flavours!

Flavour 2: Shlurp Cold Filtered

First impressions. This one's giving me a first fruit hit a slight sweetness on the tongue, although there's some menthol there i'd say its rather subtle. It lives to the name Cold Filtered because it does make your throat feel a little chilly (best wear a scarf).

What's in it? Again using menthol it doesn't taste like a lot but it does pack a cool punch with it. with the flavours coming through id say its really similar to the export because I'm still getting the lemonade flavour.

Rating out of 10: For the flavour factors i think I'm going to have to give this the same rating at the export being a 7 out of 10 because it genuinely feels the same but they've somehow managed to swap the impact around. the fruit hitting you more when inhaling and the subtly of the cool menthol but feeling the freeze on your throat. Its actually pretty cool how they've done that. (pardon the pun)

Flavour 3: Shlurp Export

First impressions:  As soon as I take a pull of this flavour I feel freshness hitting the tip of my tongue with some hint of a fruit but its only when I exhaled the incredible cloud that I got the taste of a real fresh fruit punch.

What's in it? I know there's obviously menthol in there not sure as to how much but its really refreshing amount, the fruit flavour though I can only really take a guess and say its some sort of lemonade, being cloudy lemonade or even pink lemonade. but it really is a fruity flavour.

Rating out of 10: I'd personally give this a 7 out of 10 because of the freshness and the cloud is rather thick.


So, in conclusion. We find the Shlurp range to be most pleasing to the human tongue. A really unique range of flavours more suited to those who like a zingy, fizzy, sherberty taste but a must try for everybody! So vape Shlup, so good it's probably illegal!

Richard Falzone
Friday 12th May 2017

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David Chaney
Friday 12th May 2017

Thank you very much and its beautiful page,we liked it.

Nick Byrne
Thursday 06th April 2017

Its a very informational article, thanks we liked it.

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