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Wet your appetite with our tangy Lemon Tart, blending gooey meringue with the zest of fresh lemons. Maybe you’d prefer the irresistible velvety taste of our Strawberry Custard will be your favourite – a must with its silky combination of creamy custard and butter caramel overlaid with strawberries…mmm! Finally, we've added a new dessert  to the menu – smooth, creamy Rice Pudding with an irresistible shot of mouth-watering raspberry jam.

Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady

From the world renowned Dinner Lady comes Lemon Tart, a sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue ..


Rice Pudding by Dinner Lady

Cooked to perfection. Velvety, sweet, creamy rice pudding, with a tastey dollop of raspberry jam sti..


Strawberry Custard by Dinner Lady

Natural strawberry is balanced against sweet, creamy custard and butter caramel. A refreshingly diff..


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