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iSmoka Electronics Co Ltd is the parent company of the ‘Eleaf’ brand. Our ‘eleafworld.co.uk’ website provides to UK customers, eleaf products from the exclusive UK authorised reseller and distributor of the Eleaf range. Eleafworld.co.uk is operated by the UK’s leading multibrand distributor, UK Vapour Brands (UKVB). Buying your eleaf products, such as our world renowned iStick range, from eleafworld.co.uk, provides the assurance you are purchasing authentic Eleaf goods from the only authorised UK website and that our team will provide the level of sector leading customer support, that can be expected from all UKVB companies.

Eleaf Digital Ohm & Volt Meter

The rechargable digital Ohm & Volt Meter is designed for testing resistances and voltages of hom..

£6.99 £9.99

Eleaf EC Atomiser Coil

The EC atomizer heads have been specifically designed for use in the Melo 2 and iJust 2 e-liquid tan..


Eleaf Ello Eleaf Ello

The Eleaf ELLO Tank is designed for large clouds of vapour. With a wide open airflow, wide bore mout..

£19.99 £24.99

Eleaf HW Coil Eleaf HW Coil

Designed for the ELLO and ELLO mini tanks, the HW atomizer heads are low resistance and are best use..


Eleaf Ikonn 220 Kit + E-liquid Eleaf Ikonn 220 Kit + E-liquid

Say hello to the iKonn 220, one of the best value for money cloud chasing kits on the market. Not on..

£44.99 £59.99

Eleaf ikonn Silicon Case Eleaf ikonn Silicon Case

Keep your Eleaf Ikonn kit in tip top condition with one of these protective silicon cases. Made from..


Eleaf iPower Silicon Case Eleaf iPower Silicon Case

Keep your Eleaf iPower battery in top top condition with one of these protective silicon cases. Each..


Eleaf iPower Silicon Case Eleaf iPower Silicon Case

The Eleaf iSitck Power is a great little battery! Grab one of our iStick Power silicon cases to give..


Eleaf iStick Melo Eleaf iStick Melo

The new iStick MELO features a long sustainable 4400mAh inbuilt battery and can fire up to 60 watts,..


Eleaf iStick Power Eleaf iStick Power

A beautiful, clear screen shows all your vaping information at a glance and large, responsive but..


Eleaf Kiya Kit Eleaf Kiya Kit

Less is more! The new iStick Kiya comes with remarkably small dimensions while ingeniously packs a l..


Eleaf MELO 3 Glass

From time to time your glass tank may become cracked or damaged and need replacing. We stock a wide ..


Eleaf Pico Silicon Case Eleaf Pico Silicon Case

The Eleaf Pico is a great little vape! Grab one of our Pico silicon cases to give it a bit of person..


Eleaf iStick 50w Battery Wraps

Add some real style to your Eleaf 50w battery with one of these brilliant wraps! Each wrap h..


Eleaf iStick 50w Silicon Case Eleaf iStick 50w Silicon Case

Your Eleaf iStick 50W is a proper bit of kit, so keep it protected with a stylish silicon case. Add ..


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