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KangerTech, one of the earliest electronic personal vaporizer manufacturers in China, was established in 2007. Due to our primary focus on innovation and invention, our vaporizer models are quite popular in North America and the European Union. We uphold the highest quality standards — therefore, all KangerTech products must pass CE, RoHS and certifications and meet the international environmental management system’s rigorous ISO 14000 standards.

Kangertech BDC Coil Kangertech BDC Coil

Buy 4 and get the 5th FREE! After extensive use, the coil inside your atomiser can wear out. ..


Kangertech Ceramic Coil Kangertech Ceramic Coil

Buy 4 and get the 5th FREE! Stainless steel casing and organic japanses cotton. Suita..


Kangertech CL TANK 2.0 Kangertech CL TANK 2.0

The new CL Tank 2 is an easy to use and extremely stylish atomiser from Kangertech. The CL Tank 2..

£9.99 £19.99

Kangertech Clapton Coil Kangertech Clapton Coil

Buy 4 and get the 5th FREE! Kangertech Clapton coil with stainless steel casing and organic j..


Kangertech CLOCC Coil Kangertech CLOCC Coil

Buy 4 and get the 5th FREE! The new CLOCC coils from Kangertech deliver a superior vape and a..


Kangertech CUPTI 2 Kit + Eliquid! Kangertech CUPTI 2 Kit + Eliquid!

Following the huge success of the Cupti, Kangertech have finally released the much anticipated Cu..

£39.99 £44.99

Kangertech CUPTI Kit + Eliquid! Kangertech CUPTI Kit + Eliquid!

Introducing the revolutionary new CUPTI from the professionals at Kangertech. Some might call the..

£39.99 £44.99

Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 Kit + Eliquid! Kangertech DRIPBOX 160 Kit + Eliquid!

Introducing the DRIPBOX 160 from Kangertech. The DRIPBOX 160 is Kangertech's second attempt at co..


Kangertech DRIPBOX Kit + Eliquid! Kangertech DRIPBOX Kit + Eliquid!

Introducing the DRIPBOX from Kangertech. The DRIPBOX differs from the rest of the Kangertech rang..

£24.99 £34.99

Kangertech EMOW Kangertech EMOW

The new EMOW is a slim BDC atomiser that features an adjustable air flow system. It has an eGo th..

£4.99 £9.99

Kangertech EVOD Kangertech EVOD

The Evod is a stylish bottom coil atomiser released in early 2013. It come's in a range of colour..

£0.99 £2.49

Kangertech EVOD 2 Kangertech EVOD 2

The Evod 2 is a more up to date version of the classic EVOD. The main improvement is the upgrade ..

£2.99 £4.99

Kangertech EVOD Kit + Eliquid!

Our starter kits provide you with everything you need to start vaping. We have various styles to ..

£9.99 £17.99

Kangertech KBOX 200W Mod Kangertech KBOX 200W Mod

The KBOX 200 makes use of the new design PCB which gives a host of new functions. It supports Nic..

£34.99 £47.99

Kangertech KBOX Mod Kangertech KBOX Mod

Introducing Kangertech's first Box Mod. The Kanger KBOX makes uses of an aluminum chassis to prov..

£14.99 £24.99

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